Freitag, 27. Juli 2012

Aliaga-Izmir ASKOD Derneginin yazisina katilimdir

Aliaga Izmir - sokak köpekleri toplu mezarlari hakkinda bilgi istemidir.
Animal Protection Group Arbeitsgruppe für Tierrechte e.V. Almanya
ASKOD Aliaga Derneginin yazisina katilimdir.

Gönderen: Animal Protection Group Arbeitsgruppe für Tierrechte e.V. Almanya

Dear Tansu Kaya
Aliaga Mayor,
Izmir Turkey

It has been brought to our attention that in Aliaga, a mass dog killing was occurred in different time zone in a forest area. The left bodies which weren’t taken away are also a very important and vitally danger for the human health as well.
The inhumane treatment of  animals are not only against the Animal Protection Bill number 5199, but also against all laws of religions, love of God and dignity, honor and compassion. It is these very values that makes us "human".
The responsibility of the stray animals is given primarily to the local authorities. It is clearly mentioned in the Bill 5199, as well as the letters from the Ministry of Health.
Please approach to this inhumane act with the treatment of the municipality of the city of which you are the mayor of, in the light of all the Animal Protection Laws as well as a "human" with a heart.
The inhumane treatment of these homeless animals will haunt both you, the authorities, and us, the people who remain silent.
We hereby kindly request the situation to be investigated  and find the dogslaughters through your orders and  inform us about the matter in details.
We will share your works with all of our friends in our country and tell them the changing face of Turkey should be exhibited by way of their treating the animals especially.
To spread to address we will ensure carry these brutalities in the world and all animal-befriends request their protests to it for your attention and for your activity.
All the same whether humans believe in God or Allah – it can be neither moral nor ethicalally justifiable to act in such a way !!!
Human doing must remain human !!!