Dienstag, 20. August 2013

Pls.Sign-Imza-Bitte unterschreiben: BAN TIGER TRADE Petition


  • İmza kampanyasına katılın lütfen. Çin, Tayland, Laos ve Vietnam'da kaplanlar üretilip, öldürülüyor.
  • By signing the BanTigerTrade petition you will help protect wild tigers by calling for an end to policies and practices that stimulate demand for tiger parts and products, and thus stimulate poaching. You will also be helping us raise expectations with regards to the implementation of international resolutions and commitments and to stop stimulating the demand in domestic and wild tiger parts through compliance with international guidelines and resolutions (CITES, GTRP). - See more at: http://tigertime.info/take-action/sign-up#sthash.EQFdDFvc.dpuf